Aging: 13 months in new medium-toast French oak barrels.
Cellaring potential: 8 years.
Grape variety: 100% Cabernet Franc
Alcohol: 13.9%
Vineyard: Valle de Ojos Negros.
Winemaking Characteristics: This wine is a favorite from our Limited Editions Collection, boasting 30 medals from the world´s most prestigious competitions.

Tasting Notes:
Visual: In appearance, the wine flaunts with a high robe and a deep, mesmerizing garnet hue.
Nose: On the nose, this wine has a harmonious blend of sophistication and clarity, bursting with a high aromatic intensity. The olfactory journey unveils layers of luscious red and black fruits – blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and cherries- interwoven with nuances of delicate herbs and violet petals. The spice spectrum reveals itself with hints of black pepper, balsamic, clove, cinnamon and vanilla, underpinned by a subtle cedar wood undertone. The aromatic profile is nothing short of exemplary.

Palate: Upon tasting, the wine reveals its expressive character through vibrant, lively fruit. The palate is greeted with fresh acidity and a warm vinous embrace. Silky, expansive and elegantly crafted tannins provide a lingering, memorable experience in the mouth. This voluptuous wine concludes with a persistent, long-lasting finish. As it evolves, it continues to showcase its depth with enduring notes of black and red fruits complemented by violet floral expressions and nuances of leather & elegant oak. It presents a broad, well-structured palate profile.

Pairing: This Cabernet Franc pairs divinely with rich, fatty cuts like picanha, ribs, and fine meats, as well as aged cheeses and hearty stews. It’s a versatile companion to a gastronomic adventure.

Monte Xanic´s Cabernet Franc, a star in our Limited Edition Collection, is a beacon of winemaking excellence, as evidenced by its over 30 prestigious medals. It captivates with its high robe, profound extract, adn elegant garnet tone. Every sip is a journey through its elegant, upfront character , with a plethora of red and black fruits, accented by fine herbs, violet petals and a rich tapestry of spices. Cedar wood aromas add depth to its lively fruit profile, fresh acidity, and warm vinosity. Its tannins are silky, expansive, and elegant, ensuring a voluptuous, long-lasting presence in every glass.

Pairing: this wine ́s full-bodied nature makes it an excellent pair for fatty meats like picanha, ribs, and ribeye steaks as well as refined meat cuts, aged cheeses, and robust stews, among other culinary delights.