1How can I make a reservation?

You can book your own reservations online, please go to the following link at

2What´s the difference between “Tastings” & “Special Experiences”?

Both options are excellent! The “Tastings” include a tour our facilities to learn about the history of Monte Xanic. Then you will have a table reserved at our terrace area where you will be able to enjoy the wine tasting you chose.

The “Special Experiences” also has a tour in our facilities and after you will have a private room where you will enjoy the special tasting with extra features of the seasonal tasting you chose. These expericiences are also available for larger groups.

On our website you can see the tastings menu on the left side, and the events & special experiences menu on the righ side.

3What is the schedule for tastings and special experiences?

-Tastings: Mon-Sun – 11am-4pm (spring-summer) and 11am-3 pm (Fall-winter)

-Special experiences: Mon-Sun – 11am-3pm (spring-summer) and 11am-3pm (Fall-winter) *We are closed on December 24th & 25th and on December 31th & January 1st.

4 Can I make a reservation for Artio with you?

Go to the link, and click on “Restaurante Atrio” where you can make your reservation. You can also call Artio directly. The Phone number is +52 (646) 1168028, or you can also send an email to:

5For how many people I can make my reservation?

“Tastings” are available up from 1 to 12 guests. “Special Experiences” are seasonal tastings available up from 2 to 12 guests. The Experience MX and Premium Experiences are for 12 to 20 visitors. Larger groups are considered events, you can contact Alejandra Garcia our Event Planner Coordinator at

6At what time do I have to be at my appointment?

We really appreciate it if you arrive 10 minutes before the time of your reservation. So you can be on time on the tasting area, ready to enjoy your visit.

7 How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

Your confirmation will be highlighted on your screen when you are finished. Also you will receive an email with the confirmation.


8What do I have to do, if I want to do date changes or number of guests?

If you go to your confirmation email, there is an option to do changes or to cancel it. The cancellation policy is 24 hours before the appointment. We suggest checking the cancellation conditions before booking.

9Can I cancel my reservation?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

For “Tastings” you can cancel until 24 hours before without any penalty. In case you don´t cancel 24 hours before, or you don´t come to your appointment, a charge will be made for “no show” to your credit card. Thank you for your understanding.

For “Special Experiences”, date changes can be made up to 24 hours before. In case, you want to cancel the refund is only with the product in the winery (refund is 30% of the total amount of your Special Experience) Thank you for your understanding.

10Your system is asking me for my credit card info. Is this a pre-pay service?

To make a reservation for “Tastings” a credit card is required, but the payment is until the Tasting ends. In case the visitor does not show up or has a delay greater than 10 minutes, a charge is going to be made for “no show”.

If you make a Special Experience reservation, the payment is going to be made automatically at the time you are booking it. This is because there are extra supplies for this option.

11Do you allow kids in your facilities?

Children younger than 14 years old are not allowed. We thank you for your understanding.

12Do you allow pets?

We´d love to meet your pets, but due to health and safety concerns we do not allow pets. We thank you for your understanding.

13What should I do, If I want to plan a wedding or an event. What is the process?

You can contact  our Event Planner, Alejandra García at

Contact info:

Gibrana Pluma, PR & Experiences Manager

Alejandra García, Event Planner

Fernando Azuara Sommeliers & wine experts coordinator

14Do you have lodging service?

Sorry, we do not have lodging service.

15What´s the amount of wine you get in a tasting?

1 oz. for each wine to taste.

16Can I take pictures, video, drones?

Personal pictures/videos are allowed. Commercial/professional pictures or videos are not allowed. The use of professional cameras and drones inside the facilities is not allowed.

No se permite el uso de cámaras fotográficas profesionales y/o drones dentro de las instalaciones.

17What´s the dress code?

We do not have a dress code. The weather in Valle de Guadalupe is very warm in the summer and chilly during fall/winter. We always recommend comfortable shoes, a hat or cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.

18 Whats the best time of the year for visiting?

The view to our vineyard is always beautiful. It always depends on what you are looking for. From October to February the vines are resting. From mid March to September the vines are blooming. From July to september is harvest season.

19Does the tour include a walk in the vineyards?

We assure you will take a close look at part of our vineyard. However, we are a winery that is always in operation, our quality standards are very high. Likewise, due to safety and hygiene protocols, walking by yourself in the vineyard area is not allowed.

20Do you have disabled access in the winery?

We have ramps for easy access to the Tastings area. Because we are a winery in operation, we do not have ramps in certain areas. We do not have wheelchair service. We do have designated parking lots. Please add any specification you need in your reservation.

21Whats the time for the waiting list?

Our reservation platform automatically schedules reservations. In case there is a free space the system will send you a confirmation email. Thank you for your understanding.

In addition, we have a beautiful space for visitors without reservations who want to enjoy our wines. Lago MX has an excellent view, where you can see the vineyards, the winery building and is located on the shore of the lake. We do not have tasting service here neither tour of the winery. It is a self service format. The minimum consumption is one bottle of wine from our menu. We do not sell by the glass. In addition we have music and charcuterie boards.

Groups of no more than 12 guests are welcome in this space for larger groups please contact Alejandra García at